Social impact

We are particularly focused on empowering women producer groups. This is to garner more recognition for the work they do and to enable sustainable livelihoods. Empowering artisans through a commitment to fair trade that allows them to thrive in and beyond their working environment.

The aim is to work towards lessening the gap in employment globally between women and men, and expand opportunities for women.

Profits to people

As the Utkarsh ecosystem grows, profits will be shared, or democratized, amongst producer groups and artisans.

Global markets and consumers

With limited access to e-commerce or global markets, many vulnerable producer groups find themselves stuck in a loop of local production and distribution. Utkarsh is committed to brings their stories and products to conscious consumers worldwide. We are committed to nurturing the scalability of their small businesses which in turn preserve local economies and give everyone the opportunity to grow.

Selective curation

We curate and select products that appeal to a modern global aesthetic and also celebrate traditional craftsmanship and cultural heritage. We offer products that are good for the planet, for the people making them, and for the consumer, to make conscious consumption effortless and stylish.

Better wages

Our goal is the prosperity of entrepreneurs, artisans, and small businesses selling through the Utkarsh platform. With enhanced e-commerce capabilities, access to global markets, and interventions to facilitate the creation of high-quality global products, the producers earn consistent livelihoods and higher wages. This enables them to sustain their livelihoods as well as preserve craft traditions.


Sustainability goes hand in hand with a holistic form of Transparency: from transparent supply chains and pricing to the creators behind each product. Keeping our collaborative footprint in mind, our goal is to share the full story behind every product to empower you to make a mindful choice. We strive to ensure that everyone in our ecosystem from the creator to the consumer is empowered with access to information.