Who we are

Utkarsh was started with a simple purpose: to be a bridge between the great artisans of Utkal (Odisha is the modern name) and the world, making the great culture, art and craft available to everyone. Our values are at the center of everything that we do, to ensure that everyone in the supply chain from creator to consumer can get a touch of an ancient culture. By bringing together art, crafts, honest values and positive impact to the creator, everything here comes with a mark of goodness, and the hope that we can create a world where we can all feel the nostalgia.

Sustainable and environment friendly.

We want to ensure that our products to be planet-friendly. We do this by working with producer groups, entrepreneurs and brands that have made a commitment to reduce their negative impacts on the planet by providing products that are sustainably made, from the raw materials to the packaging.

Recognizing the artists

It is important to us that our makers receive recognition and fair compensation for their talents and hard work. Our network of producer groups provides their makers with fair, dependable wages and safe working conditions.