Fair Practice

We believe that consumers and producers should know the impact and cost of each product. We do maintain transparency for everyone in the supply chain, from the creator to the consumer. We put forth not just what the makers are doing to improve, but also how the consumers can help. With every purchase made, a consumer also gets to know the share owing to the producer group and how it benefits them. It gives everyone a chance to understand the true value of a product and to be a part of the makers’ life stories.

What is the difference ?

After paying the creators of their cost of production and profit margin, in each sale Utkarsh shares 50% of margin or profit for developmental or philanthropy for the artisans. Through the local partner, it’s delivered, implemented and monitored.

Support to the Artisans

Utkarsh is committed to fulfill a need of fair wages, to ensure that artisans have access to a secure livelihood. Traditional skills passed down by generations can only be sustained on consistent wages for an artisan.

Producer Group Margin

Running costs of working with a sector that is primarily rural, informal, and creativity-led. Craft-based enterprises are customized to reach these creative communities in often scattered inaccessible areas.

The margin also includes profit for the group which helps drive their mission of impacting the community since more than 50% of this artisan sector is marginalized groups or women.

Sometimes it also includes development cost: design development and interventions to strengthen the artisan economy.

From Utkarsh’s Margin

A part of it goes into a producer welfare trust aimed at improving the livelihoods of creators behind the products. It also covers our operational expenses like the costs associated with running the platform.